City of Stirling announces changes to waste collection for 2015

City of Stirling Waste Update

If you live within the City of Stirling shire you will have received a notice recently announcing that there will be some important change to your waste collection.

I don’t live in that area, however my son lives in Watermans Bay and told me all about it and I thought I would share it with my readers, for those that do lie in the City of Stirling.

The City of Stirlings says;

“I am pleased to to advise that the City of Stirling is improving the way waste is collected and processed as a result of feedback from the community.

Recent surveys indicated overwhelming support for a three-bin service for household waste as well as alternative services for green and bulk junk waste collections.”

A decision was made by the Council to implement the following changes effective from July 2015;

  • A three bin service for household waste which will include a general waste bin, a co-mingled recycling bin and  a green waste bin.
  • Green verge waste to be collected on a nine month cycle.
  • Bulk junk verge collections replaced with a skip bin, available on demand.

Here are some FAQ’s  to that may better help you understand what these changes mean.

Q. What will the changes be?
A. The changes will consist of a 140 litre bin for general waste (red-lid),  a litre bin for green waste (green-lid) and 240 lites bin for recycling (yellow-lid). In place of household junk verge collections, skip bins will be introduced to provide convenience for residents and align with the City’s strategic objective of a “Clean and Waste Wise City.”

Q. How often will my bins be collected?
A. General waste will be collected weekly and green and recycling bin will be collected on alternate fortnights.

Q. How much more will I be paying for the three-bin service and the skip bin?
A. The three-bin service will cost and additional $37 per residential property, per annum and the skip bin service will cost an additional $27 per residential property per annum. These costs are approximate and will be included in your annual rates notice from 2015/16.

Q. Must I have all three bins or can I opt out if a bin is not required?
A. The general waste and recycling bins are compulsory for all households. The green waste bins will be delivered to all properties above 400sqm in land size. Residents in smaller properties can order a green waste bin if desired. The rates charge for the green bin, whether required or not, still applies.

Q. Who will be able to order a skip bin – the property owner, the tenant or either?
A. Either.

For more Frequently asked questions  and more information about the new waste changes head to the City of Stirling website.