Freaky accidents with my poor little car. 2 just within 3 Month. They come in 3? Hope not.

Had an really freaky accident about 3 Month ago.

Driving on Seacrest Drive, going home at 6:30PM at 44KM per hour and “something” was blown from the side walk under my car. A black garbage bag which was caught up in my wheel and pulling away my suspension as i drove over. Scarry moments.

I though was a dog but no cries. Took Mazda 8 weeks to send parts over and I finnaly got my car back 10 days ago.

This weekend, doing a Home Open on a double storey home with winds strong as it was last Sunday, the furniture on the balcony was flying away and a chair landed on my windshield.

Today OBriens, window guys, came, replaced, best service and I am new again…until when? Hail this week?