Happy New Year! A healthy and prosperous one to you and to all your family!

Wow? 2019. A New Year already!

I am ready to fullfill my resolution!
I only have one this time: to keep healthy!
Last October I took up bike riding, and I am stilling strong. In fact, I hardly take a day off!

Ice only missed a couple of days, and I missed riding terribly. I’ve even started setting off a bit earlier, eager to get going.
I have slowly been increasing my distances and this week I hit 20k and have been doing the 20k daily.
Not bad for someone who started off slowly.
Although after all this exercise I am so tired! I was hoping to have more energy. My daughter says I’d probably have more energy If I missed it once. Cycling 20kms eats up into your energy stores I guess. Do you have suggestions for increasing energy and stamina? Hopefully it’s not just age. That I can’t do anything about!
My husband suggested we start juicing again. This is something that hits us occasionally, and we go all out concocting new mixtures.
It’s great doing it together because you motivate and support one another.
We’ve replaced dinner with juices, except for Tuesdays when we do family dinner with my daughter and family. My son and his long time girlfriend Toni are currently on a world trip, so they haven’t had to host a dinner in a while! They plan on being away for most of this year as well, and will certainly owe us a few dinners when they get back. It has been great following their journey. They share pictures with the whole family on Cluster. It’s a great site for collating images and sharing albums.
What are your intentions or resolutions this year? Or do you have 2019 holiday plans? I do. But I’ll save that for another blog post. Stay tuned!
Happy New Year