Made number one for the Month of April in my office.Almost third time this year. Only twice, though

I am super happy again.

I want to use the opportunity and Thanks to my clients who made that possible.

Some hic ups but Than God everything is sorted out.

I definitely I know  I did not like the stress that was I put through myself and others.

As interest rates have been cut down by the Reserve Bank and we already know that some Banks are passing some of it to their customers, we may have more activity on the market on the Month ahead.

I am expecting to see more investors around, first home buyers and also the families upgrading to a bigger home.

It is time to move!


  1. Alycee I think you meant to say April!!

  2. I

    I am ahead of myself.
    May just started.
    So I made number one for April
    Well, I can do for May too.

  3. mervb said:

    Great Work mum you work hard and deserve it!

  4. I am very happy. Imagine I said May instead April.
    Well that is me! I do wrong all the time!
    Well I better work harder to make it number one in May too

  5. Leanne said:

    Well done Alycee, you deserve to be happy with that!!