Minden Rise street Christmas Bash

With the help of Lynnette Murphy, Minden Rise enjoyed it’s 13th year of getting together for a Christmas party in our street.

The families brought something to share with each other and Lynnette provided the barbecue sausages that everyone adores.

Also due to the variety of origins of the neighbours there is also a variety of food, this year I took the cheese bread which is a famous little Brazilian dish but there was a variety of foods from many different countries.

There was a small speech welcoming some new neighbours of which I was responsible tof bringing to our street by buying the house I had on the market. So a big warm welcome to Damien and Edrissa with their 2 little daughters Makeila and Lucy.

We all enjoyed a glass of wine and each others company and it makes me very proud and lucky to be surrounded by all these beautiful people in my street and I hope that this tradition of a Christmas Street party will continue on until the end of time!

Merry Christmas Minden Rise!