A smile to come out of sadness

Who would of thought that my bags could bring two people together that may have never met?

Everybody knows me for my bags and let me tell you they are a big hit with my buyers and sellers, because not only are you selling or buying a home your getting a one of a kind fashion piece.

A few weeks ago at a funeral of all places, a woman with one of my bags spots another woman with one of my bags and approaches her to ask her if she got the bag from me.

The other woman replied that she had in fact got it from me and had just sold her home through me. The other woman then said that she had just got her bag and she had just bought a house through me.

Well you can imagine that they started talking and that it turned out that one of them had bought the house from the other. My buyer and seller who had never met before, met at a funeral because they both were wearing my bag and both knew the deceased.

So although it was a sad day and my condolences to the family and friends who lost a loved one, but their chance meeting put a smile on my face because they met in the most unusual of circumstances!


  1. Cema said:

    Such a great story, Alycee! You are divine!