Teaching others my hobby of making a great fashion piece with a very different piece of material

Sorrento Living Ring Pull

Women of all ages always ask me where I got my handbag from and I always say I made it myself.

What do you do with the ring pulls from your Soft drink cans? I make handbags with mine!

When I am having my down time and not out with my family or clients I like to sit in front of the T.V and make my bags. For me it is very relaxing and I enjoy it very much and I usually give one to my buyers and sellers and even my family across the other side of the world has one.

Everybody loves them and I was lucky enough to teach some women at the Sudbury Community Centre in Mirrabooka today how to make them which was a great opportunity to get some women together and learn something new that they can make for themselves and their family and friends.

I have been doing this for a long time but it turns out recently that their is a handbag very similar to what I make in the Modern Art Museum in New York and I have never seen it.

Watch out, I may be the next biggest fashion designer!