I am old but my brain is rejuvenated with technology! I am young again…I wish!

Sorrento Living Gadget Queen

Well, I love gadgets, I love my iPhone and I love my Apps!

I only do my Banking online and I cannot survive without my Groups app that has my database categorized for their needs, birthdays, anniversaries, etc, just like any of the systems used by all Real Estate Agencies, except mine is on my beloved iPhone and always in my hand!

My “key ring” app that carries my most used 50 cards from all the shops I use such as Flybuys, Rewards cards etc etc. All my cards in my iPhone.

I could not remember 200 passwords, can you? I have “password 1” that has all my passwords to remind me what they are.

And my phone is a wizard , I send a message to someone at the same time they are ringing me if I cannot answer.

I have an led light flash when my phone is ringing easy to find when it’s in my bag or if I leave it on silent when I am in a meeting. I never miss a call.

With the help of my son, my son’s girlfriend , Toni and my daughter Nikky I am very sophisticated when comes to using my phone.

Need help using your smart phone. I will help you for free as I am a gadget queen and enjoy doing it!