Bulk Billing at the Doctors? Wow!

This may surprise you but after living in Australia for 26 years I discovered Bulk Billing.
One day I was in Whitfords Shopping Center feeling ill and a friend took me to Hillarys Medical Center to see the Doctor.
As I was leaving I asked how much and the receptionist told me nothing to pay.
I thought my friend paid for and I went to him to pay back and he said it was bulk billing.
What is this I asked and he explained.
Since a year now I have been going to the bulk Billing doctors at Harman Road where I found the most caring, knowledgeable and experienced doctor. As far as I know there many reputable doctors there.
This morning I met 2 ladies on the walking and doctors conversation came in and bulk Billing talk too and one of the ladies that I met who lives in Australia for 17 years never heard about it.
Going to the doctor and don’t pay for the visit?
Unheard of.
That is why I decided to talk about bulk Billing.
Maybe you never heard about it?