A gold car. One of my life’s things to do. Done, What? Not happy?

I mentioned last week that I was giving myself a Christmas present of my car vinyl wrapped in gold and Well…it is gold…….. But Not exactly what I wanted.

I have thought about a name for my gold car;

  • Goldzilla
  • Gold finger
  • Gold rush

But it ended up being…….. Baby poo color.

It definitely shines in the sun and glitters with like gold diamonds but in the shade is looks more mustard than gold.

The plus side is when I sell it I can say: 2 for the price of one. 2 colors, I mean. If you don’t like it ….peel it. This car is vinyl wrapped.

The boys Jade and Jiah worked pretty hard to have my car done in time for Christmas!

If you wish to have your car wrapped in a different colour, the guys at WrapMagic are amazing and they are operating from Wangara.

If I come up with more ideas for names I will let you know or feel free to have some fun at my expense and name it yourself!


  1. Cema said:

    it looks great, Alycee!

    I think your car can be named Goldalyceeous! Got it?? Gold + Alycee + delicious!beijos

  2. Loved Cema

  3. Paula Sinclair said:

    Well, at least the driver is pure gold!

  4. LHS said:

    I always wanted a yellow Mazda! I can’t believe that is is parked in your driveway instead of mine….