After 21 years I finally got a 35 hour whirl wind visit from my brother in law in Canada

As we sat on the balcony having a few pre dinner drinks and reminiscing about the past the question popped up about how long it had been since I had actually seen my brother in law Adam.

Well, he said that when he last seen my daughter Nikky she was knee high to a grasshopper and that it was 1992, and I thought oh my god that was 21 years ago and I couldn’t believe it.

Adam is my husbands youngest brother and has seen him more recently than I when he visited his mum in Canada last year but we were lucky that Adam’s work brought him all the way to Australia and he got to stay with us for 35 hours.

His work kept him away from his family and bought him to Kununurra for 5 weeks and he was able to stay with us for 1 night before his long flight home back to Canada.

So my son and his girlfriend are back, my daughter and her husband made the 40 minute trip and we were all able to enjoy the company of my long lost brother in law and have a bbq a la Perth style.

My husband took him out for the day to show him Perth in a very short time with a trip through the City and then to Fremantle via Kings Park. They did a little souvenir shopping for his family back home and then we sat down for another bbq meal and then at 9pm we left to go to the Airport for the second time this week to say our goodbyes.

It was really great to see Adam again and I have promised that I will not let it be 21 years before we see each other again and that I will add his part of the world to my next trip away.