Alycee’s Round the world trip

Hello! Hola! Buongiorno! Ni Hao!

There’s nothing like a trip around the world to put you back in the mood to sell, sell, sell!

I’ve just returned from 40 wonderful days travelling the globe. In hindsight, it was the absolute perfect trip, but when I think back to the beginning, it didn’t exactly start out that way.

At the start of my journey I had a stop in Buenos Aires (Argentina), where my Amex was promptly stolen. I had to cancel the card, but not before it was used. It certainly made me think twice before pulling out the plastic again, and it put me on guard for the rest of the trip.

From Argentina we made a short stop in Chile where I spent most of my time on a line up to get my flight to Sao Paulo ( Brazil). We were facing delays due to the volcanic ash coming from the Volcano eruption there.

I finally arrived in Brazil, for the start of a whirlwind round of parties. Brazilians love to party, and my first four days were spent going to parties for my niece Luila who just became a paediatrician. I am very proud of her! For 18 days I visited relatives throughout Brazil, without a second free. It was wonderful to see so many relatives and friends, although the time was all too short.

From Brazil, I moved on to Spain, where time in Madrid brought back nostalgic memories from a trip in 1976. Madrid was very different this time. There have been many changes since my last visit, from the shops, to the Euro dollar. Unfortunately I was not there for the famous “corrida del toros,” but I did grab a Double Decker bus tour to see all the beautiful sites. Fabuloso!

My next stop: Italia! Besides Rome and all the regular sites (and there is nothing “regular” about ancient Rome), I enjoyed spending time watching my niece, Bea, who was competing in the swimming races. She did splendidly! In fact, she was qualified number five in Italy at the end of the races – and she is just 14 years old! Hopefully she will be the next Pellegrini in the Olympics of 2016. While in Italy, I enjoyed spending time with my sister-in-law, and it was such a treat when my Mother-in- Law popped in from Canada to see me. Stupendo!

Jordan came next, where I experienced an incredible tour in Amman. I had never seen Petra because of the distances to get there, but it was definitely worth the trip. Buying gold in Jordan was one of my favourite indulgences. In that part of the world there are amazing deals everywhere you go.

Dubai, as you know, is “the place” to be these days. While I did not stay at the 7 star hotel (that is for Angelina Jolie and her kind), I found The Regent’s Palace to be simply glorious! It is located just across from a very sophisticated shopping Centre, with the famous Ski Dubai mountain inside. The Burj Khalifa with 124 levels is also something not to be missed – it was amazing!

For my birthday this year I was in Hong Kong at the very nice Holiday Inn. I had a delicious three course meal with wine to help the food go down. The food in China is fresh and delicious, with delicacies quite different from what we find at home.

Despite some initial trepidation, I went on a tour in a hot air balloon. Of course, I survived, but my heart was beating very fast on that adventure. From the balloon I had a gorgeous view of the Peak and the Escalators, and of course no trip to Hong Kong is complete without a traditional Sampan Boat ride. Mingling with the people was most fun of all. I did the Tour on the Bus (“Hop on!” “Hop off!”). What an incredible treat to see the city in that way.

Now I’m back to work and really ready to be here. If you have been waiting on my return to sell your home, let’s get busy! Working is not nearly as hectic as travelling the world, but my batteries are recharged from the exhilaration of seeing so many wonderful friends and family and so many beautiful sights.

If you are ready to get moving, contact me today. You can fill me in on what you’ve been up the last 40 days, and we’ll get your home sold!

Ahhhh….it is good to be home. Talk to you soon!


  1. Jean said:

    Alycee : You put as much into your real estate life as you do your trips. All that energy, that we, as clients , benefit from. Go get them girl!

  2. Margaret said:

    Having spoken with you recently, I really enjoyed going through your journey again with the photographs. Well done, as usual, however get back to selling houses!!!