Dinner out for Merv’s Birthday at the Atrium Buffet at the Crown Casino

Merv turned 37 on Wednesday and we took him out to dinner at the Atrium Buffet restaurant at the Crown Casino. This was my second time eating at the Atrium, the last time a wonderful Chinese client treated me to a lunch.

It really is a fantastic place to go for a family dinner with a generous selection of fine dining to be had.

Six of us went and there were smiles all around the table. Merv helped himself several times to the fresh tuna Sashimi, me the lovely roast which reminded me of Canada, while my recently pregnant daughter Nikky enjoyed the fresh selection of salads. and Mike, well he was all over the seafood and deserts!

Toni, went straight for prawns, and Moreton Bay bugs while Danilo ate everything else, my son-in-lay has an appetite but that is due to his busy days professionally painting houses.

Well, we all rolled out of there that night, highly recommended.