Don’t want to sound morbid but I just became an Organ donor!

Thinking of the amount of accidents where lots of lives are lost I decided to donate all my organs through Medicare today.

No, don’t panic there is nothing wrong with me, I am not sick or dying or wish to anytime soon but I am just preparing for the future.

I know it would be a hard decision for my family to accept but when people die they are dead and stay dead, there is no use for a dead person anyway except to help someone else to keep living.

So, at least one or all of my organs would be of use to someone who needs them and could help them live a long and happy life like I did.

I have had a good and healthy life, 2 fantastic children, great set of husbands, superb relatives and most wonderful friends. I have travelled the world and experienced a life I am proud of which makes me a truly lucky lady.

So all that together I say Thank you God for all I have and if I can be of use to someone else then it will be good.

But this is by no means a good bye of any sort, I just had a moment of clarity and decided to make this decision because you have not seen the end of me …. For a very long time!