Amazing story of finding a long lost friend from Kenya with Facebook

For around 5 years till 1984 we were living in Nairobi Kenya and became friends with Pam and Dick Cox and had a daughter named Nicole a little older than Merv.

I’d lost touch with them and for many years have been searching for them and thought to ask friends on Facebook to help. I posted a quick Facebook message and wasn’t expecting much.

Please, Facebook friends help me to find a couple that I live with in Nairobi Kenya up to 1984. They have a daughter called Nicole and their names: Pam and Dick.

I have been searching for them for many years.

They live in Queensland.

Hi Pam, Dick and Nikky, I would love to see you all. So much to catch up. Mike and I, Merv and Nikky would love to see you all and remember the great time we had in Kenya.

Well to my surprise I found the family I was looking for. Thank you Facebook. This is amazing.

I was having diner downtown with my Chinese clients when I got a call from Nikky Cox the daughter of the couple Pam and Dick where became friends together in Nairobi, Kenya up to 1986. That is 30 years ago. Sorry I could continue to chat but I can’t wait to tomorrow to call Nikky and her parents.

Now I am sure we are going to reunite this year, either they come here to Perth or we will head over to Queensland.

Nikky is very special to us. She saved my son Merv from drowning in the pool. She was only 6 years old and Merv was 4 then.

By the way I found Nikky through this amazing group in Facebook called AUSSIE & UK ANGELS – Reuniting lost family that help reunite families all over the World.

Since then we already spoke to Nikky who just got married on February 5th and is a graphic designer and has her own business and also to our old friends Pam and Dick Cox who are both retired.

Have you been looking or found a long lost friend using Facebook? Let me know in the comments below.