I have a baby in the house…

My house looks like a playground now that my daughter, her hubby and baby Kai have moved in with us.

I am a Real Estate Agent and now a happy grandmother with a 6 Month old grandson to show around whenever I want now that he is in the same house.

Who knows? Soon Kai will be helping me with my “home opens”? At least he will entertain the prospective buyers with lots of smiles!

Such a bundle of joy to see him grow each day and hear all is cute little sounds. I am so lucky and proud of my little grandson.

It won’t be long now and he will have me running after him, but I can’t wait!


  1. beverly said:

    wow such beautiful photos, I went ballooning in Europe last year it was amazing.
    just found out yesterday(fathers day) I am going to be a grandma soooo excited.
    Still keep a watch out for me near the beach just a small place will do, please keep me in mind

    • Beverly
      I did not forget
      Nothing here
      101 Clontarf is far away from the beach and asking $819000
      I have a duplex coming up not that close to the beach 3×1 for $670-$690 maybe