Have you thought about your parents when they get old and who will be looking after them when they are not able to fend for themselves?

Sorrento Living Old Happy Couple

Lately these thoughts are in my mind, I am far away (hopefully) to be in this situation but as I meet older people all the time looking to sell and move into a retirement place I decided to visit a few.

I was not impressed. They were dreary and didn’t seem there were enough carers to look after everyone in some of the places. I know where I wouldn’t like to go.

I prefer not to mention the places I did not like but I do have to mention the one I was most impressed with and that is Woodlake Retreat in Kingsley

I sold the home for a very lovely elderly couple who went and lived in the Woodlake Retreat and I always visit them and ask “Are you happy here?”

And their answer is always the same “Very happy!”

When I asked them Why? They didn’t even have to think. They said “They enjoy daily activities which helps the day go faster” Receive up to 6 meals a day, There are group outings on buses, They have movies to watch and there is always someone around to talk to and help when they are needed.

I am very impressed with the place and thought I would let other’s know that there are places to go when you need to that offer a great lifestyle.

There is a waiting list but if you prepare yourself now you can wait for 6 months to a year and have a nice place for your mum and dad to go.

Maybe your considering this for yourself? Well I recommend Woodlake Retreat so why not give them a call and organise a viewing to look at your options.

Or you could always just plan to move in with your kids…… hehe