Help in the Office from some very young hands makes me have a very productive day

I had a call from some past clients the other day, who I have kept in touch with for many years asking me if I would be able to have their daughter to come to my office to do some work experience.

At first I thought, Oh what would I have her do? Well I asked around the office and no one could really think of anything as they are always rushing about but I thought, sure why not, I’m sure I can find something for her to do.

It actually turned out that I wasn’t as completely organised as I thought so I had her organise my filing, make some coffee’s, shuffle some papers and even the receptionist had her helping out and giving her some tasks to do.

I actually then had a very productive day trying to organise myself and find tasks for my new little work experience girl who I would be more than happy to leave those odd jobs incomplete just to give her something to do for next time.

The best way to get out into the real world during your final year at school is really to go and do some work experience and to find out what you want to do in life.

I’m happy I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing and I’m thankful my husband and kids also do what they love too…. But i’m sure just like everyone else some days they think….. Just one Powerball!