Helping a friend in need buy their first home and a very touching thank you

In December 2011, I had the privilege of helping a very special lady by her first home for her and her two kids and I received this letter of thanks that I would like to share with you. It made be appreciate what I do and even brought many tears to my eye.

My circumstance was quite happy I thought after renting a home by the sea for almost ten years, then my landlord decided to sell.  I felt nauseous as how was I going to find accommodation, who would grant me a loan-a single mum with two kids  and a casual income, no way  I thought and how many professional couples/families with full-time employment was I to compete with to find another rental!!  Then I met  Alycee, a beautiful Brazilian lady who was in charge of selling the property which we had called home for many years.

My anxiety was overwhelming it consumed my every breath, I felt helpless, unhappy, hard-done-by, crippled and that day the tears flowed.  Alycee was different to any other real estate person I had met and I’d known many.  She was full of compassion, hope, selflessness and determined to help where she could and when I  look back now – unbeknown to me, of what a real miracle was about to unfold, to reset my happiness and freedom from renting.

Like a second mum, Alycee gave her expertise and advice to me – we worked out together some options.  Within days and also working together with my finance guy I found a house, expensive and over my budget but simply perfect for us.  Alycee set up an appointment to view the house.  She then drew up the paperwork even though this particular house was through another agent and I put an offer in $60K under the advertised price.  While this was happening, I had people looking through the rental and Alycee always phoned and made sure I was comfortable with that.

A counter offer came back which exceeded my budget – by this stage I was doubting that I would be a successful buyer, but Alycee gave me confidence to put in another offer.  Eventually, I got my house and for a perfect price – Alycee had a part in that too as she said to the owner that I could not afford one cent more.  It was all very quick after that I had only a few weeks to pack up the kids and pets, heaps of accumulated goods, it’s amazing how much stuff a person gathers over time.

Incredible as it seemed I managed to buy my first home in a wonderful suburb but, I feel with Alycee Barrett’s undivided attention to detail and  her full bottled knowledge of the property market.  I was able to loan a truck from Acton, free for three days as long as I filled the tank with diesel  on its return, it cost $18.  All settlement was done through “Star” another agent that Alycee recommended and at a considerably less cost.

Well how happy could  I be a year on – Happy as a dog with a bone – I recon!  Buying my first home has been a wonderful experience, a step that I was anxious to take has been simple when you find someone that you can trust and that someone is you.  Sending this with thanks and gratitude to you Alycee Barrett  for your friendship, love and kindness.

Liz xxx