It’s a small World and six degrees of separation is now next door!

I was just watching some mind numbing TV at home one night after dinner when I received a call from my neighbour in the street behind me inviting me to come over and meet someone.

When I arrived they were entertaining a few people and they took me over to this silvery haired guy who was none other than Dr MD Patel, the Dr that delivered my daughter Nikky in Nairobi, Kenya over 31 years ago!

What an emotional moment for me, I just couldn’t believe it.

I called my husband Mike to speak with Dr Patel over the phone and Mike said his voice had not changed at all and is exactly the way he remembers him sounding.

To make things more weird than it already was Dr Patel is staying at the next door house to me who is owned by another Dr from Kenya who are also my friends.

Of course I had to take a picture!

What a small World! And what a great Christmas present for me to meet Doctor Patel again!