Many killed including 9 kids in Oklahoma Tornado and I feared for friends and family

Sorrento Living Oklahoma Tornado

On Monday a 1.3 miles(2 kms approx) wide Tornado tore through Oklahoma for 17 miles (30 kms approx) killing 24 people with 9 of them being children.

I have a nephew there, who Merv stayed with while travelling and was scared that maybe it was near or on where they lived.

Luckily, thanks to Facebook we were able to contact them and be told that all was OK where they were but still I couldn’t help but think how horrible it must be to go through such a traumatic natural experience.

My heart goes out to all involved but I am very happy I live in the beautiful city of Perth and although we get some pretty rough storms every now and then we are actually pretty lucky to have such good weather.