Money for funeral or holidays? Neither…

I have been collecting coins for the last 4 to 5 years and any change I have I put in this large “piggy bank can”.

I have a can for each coin, $1 and $2 coins, a can for $0.50c, $0.20c another for $0.10c and one for $0.05c.

My husband also empties his pockets and distributes his change the cans.

I usually say: “this is funeral money. In case that I kick my boots and until the family get a hold of some cash this is the place to go in an emergency or it is also good for a holiday.”

Last week I had some coins to distribute around the cans and noticed that the can with $1 and $2 were full.

So we decided to count the money and I felt like the uncle Donald Duck counting all that gold.

The can weigh 14.5 kilos and it was a big surprise to find that the cans were holding $3000.

Maybe you can do that too. Just empty your pockets and forget about it, then voila! you have a free holiday ahead of you!

As I don’t need it for a funeral, just now I put it to good use: paid bills.

Sorry the story ending isn’t so exciting but I feel relieved getting rid of some of my bills.