My Christmas lifetime story

I am a lucky woman, thank God. I can tick almost all the boxes of things everyone wishes they had done in their lifetime.

A couple more boxes I need to tick and I am done.

It is 6am in Dubai where I am with my daughter to meet my mother in law who came from Toronto, Canada at my invitation to spend Christmas with us in Perth for my husband and my son Christmas surprise.

Travel overseas? Tick.

I have always had the travel bug and have always wanted to travel. Now I have 34 Countries under my belt including China, which was one of the Countries I most desired to go to and just spent my last birthday in August visiting, and adoring the chance to finally see it.

So the travel box is ticked.

I have a son and a daughter who are the most wonderful people in the world. Box ticked.

They each have a partner. My daughter is married to this fantastic workaholic professional painter (he has been painting since he was 4 years old, helping his Dad). I love that guy.

And my son has a partner and it seems like they are made for each other. She is also my virtual PA and helps me to write my blog. She has great ideas and understands even my thoughts.

Tick that box too, my children and their happiness.

Their children?

Well…that is a box yet to be ticked.

I should have started with the most important thing that made all this possible:

HUSBANDS. 2. Tick!

My first one I was married to for 1 year, 1 month and 14 days, Canadian born pilot, died in a plane crash in Teheran, Iran where my son Mervyn was born. I inherited a most fabulous Langille family who live in Canada and we maintain a beautiful relationship.

Then I married Michael, airborne surveyor engineer, had a daughter Nikky born in Nairobi, Kenya and we are now 33 years married.

Let’s recap my ticks:

Married? Tick.

Children? Tick.

Working in Real Estate which is my passion? Tick.

Learned Belly Dancing? Tick.

Taught belly dancing in Nairobi, Kenya? Tick.

Perform Belly Dancing in a theatre and at the Intercontinental Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya? Tick.

Traditionally spend my birthday overseas so I don’t have to be reminded that I am getting older and older every year? Tick.

African Safari (quite a few as I lived in Nairobi, Kenya for 5 years)? Tick.

Dune bashing in the desert in Dubai? Tick that one.

Eating in a toilet during prohibited hours during Ramadan in Oman, Jordan? Tick.

Going up in a balloon in Hong Kong? Tick.

See the snow? Tick. (I lived in Canada give or take about 18 years (between living in other countries and going back to Canada).

Surprise my husband with my mother in law for Christmas? Tick.

Own my dream house? Tick.

Own investments? Tick.

Own a gold car? Tick.

Own a gold Rolex watch? Oops! Not yet. Christmas is coming…….so there is hope!

Surprising that what I have done in so many years is written in one page. Sure, it may not seem like a lot, but ask me and I do have a lot to tell!

Tell me how many boxes you’ve ticked and how many more you have left to tick