My experience with the world of toilets and what a discovery it was…

I’ve decided that you never know what you don’t know until you find out what you didn’t know. Now, if you didn’t follow that, here’s an example:

A couple weeks ago, my husband and I decided to head to the home improvement store because we wanted to update the toilets in our home. While the task sounds simple (and terribly mundane) enough, it turned out to be quite the opposite.

When we first arrived at the store, the sales person began pummeling us with questions: “What type were you looking for?” “What size do you need,” “Is there a particular model you’re interested in?”

We looked at each other, looked back at the helpful salesman, and said nothing. We were clueless on all counts.

The salesman advised us to call a plumber to help us with all the information on our end, so that’s what we did. A week later, with the plumber’s measurements in hand, we went back to the store.

On this trip, since we were able to answer those most basic questions, we made it to the selection phase of the process. I have to say it was far more interesting than I had anticipated. We thought our task was relatively simple. Little did we know that there are are heated toilets, musical toilets, self-closing toilets. I had no idea. My husband was amazed.

It reminded me of a trip I took to Japan to visit my daughter. On that trip, we had giggled and joked about her toilet, which was not only musical and heated, but it was self closing and self flushing, and before that it would wash and air dry you up. I guess it was only a matter of time until we caught up with the Japanese.

Ever since discovering the exciting array of toilets available at that store, I have begun noticing that all the brand new homes, condos and apartments that I tour have the fancy self closing toilet – at a minimum!

If that isn’t enough to get you excited, head to your nearest home improvement store and check out the basins…you won’t believe your eyes!

Enjoy your own weekend discovery! If you find something particularly fun, please let me know!