No more glasses soon.Eye surgery. Just had my eye done this Wednesday. Will be feeling the pain for the next couple days but be back on Home opens on Saturday.

The stress of thinkin and thinking and thinking came to an end.

Now is time to see.

I can see you better now! Operation was successful. I feel pain. Lots of it but I am a “chicken” for pain. Never can take it well.

Mind you, the eyes are the most sensitive part of your body and poke into it will definitely make it sore.I will be back in business by Saturday todo my Home Open.

At present I can see a lot better with my right eye.

Next eye on 8th of August. That is my birthday gift: be able to see everything by the 14th of August.

Been short sighted all my life. Had contact lenses for 14 years until my eyes rejected them in all shapes and forms.

Will enjoy life without glasses. I would have to get used to the idea first.

Have been speaking with a lot of people who went through it and they are all happier.

I am sure I will be happier too.



  1. chris said:

    Hi Alycee

    I had this operation doen nearly ten years ago and as a keen scuba diver it opened up a new world for me

    I remember opening my eyes the following morning after the operation and scratched around for my glasses as I had done for the previous 20 years and then realised I didn’t need them any more and my sight was crytal clear

    Sadly my eyesight has detriorirated a little over the ten years and I now wear glasses for night driving as I suffered a little from dry eye after the operation

    Scuba diving is still one of my favourite past times and the clairty I experience in my sight still amazes me to this day after all the years of diving and suffering from short sightedness

    Congratulations on your operation and sucessful recovery


    • Thanks, Chris
      I also cannot believe how clearly I can see
      I am ready to go back to work today, can’t wait to go and see everything
      Next operation on the 8th of August.
      It will be a “piece of cake” right?

  2. Beth Clarke said:

    Hi Alyce,
    What sort of surgery? Lens replacement or Laser surgery ?
    Am interested as thinking of having Laser.
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Beth
      I had lenses implant. Had catharacts removed, also astigmatism removed plus my vision is okay now.
      I did not have laser done.
      I am very happy with my Doctor in Joondalup
      Doctor Robert Patrick

  3. chris said:

    Hi Alycee
    I had the laser done on both eyes on teh same day to remove astigmatism. I do remember the treatment was a little uncomfortable as having your eyes clamped open whilst the surgery takes place is a little unsettling
    However the short term pain was easily overtaken by the fantastic sight I experienced the next day
    Laser surgery is quick ( mine took just over an hour and a half for two eyes) and relatively painless if not uncomfortable