Now that’s what you call a bargain!

Almost every weekend my husband Mike and I head to the Spud Shed in the Wanneroo Markets for our fruit, veg and groceries.

We find the produce not only a lot fresher but also a lot cheaper and this trip we got a bargain that really got our toes tapping.

I eat a grapefruit for breakfast each morning and was just about to run out so when I seen the grapefruit box I grabbed the bag and starting filling it up as I thought hmmmm…… $1.90 p/kg that’s cheap.

Mike then walked over and noticed that the sign said 19c p/kg and I thought “this must be a mistake” so I called a shop assistant over and asked if it was a mistake and he said he would check and came back to confirm that is was no mistake and the grapefruits are actually 19c per kilogram.

So I bagged up big time and continued shopping but even so when we got to the checkout I asked them to put the grapefruits through first just to be certain and then sure enough it was correct.

So now I am the woman with 30 grapefruits!