2017 is going to be a “Ripper” year! I am back to the workforce!

I cannot complain about 2016. I had my health, family and friends, and took a couple of overseas trips.
But… I vegetated a lot. I don’t want to be a couch potato, I want to work.
Home opens, meeting people, being busy is my kind of fun, not work. So, good bye to my lethargy. I’ve got my motivation back!
I want to WORK.
I started  the year well, submitting an offer on 1st of January 2017. That is what I call a good start to the year.
I listed another property just before Christmas which I will be opening for the first time on January 7th, Saturday.

That is 131/7 Harman Road, Sorrento from 11 to 11:45. So wake up, have a nice breakfast and meet me there!

I got a new car that I have to show off to you all! Stunning and red, it goes faster, they say, even though I am a slow-poke driver.

I have planned a trip to Brazil this year in May/June, so I have lots of time to sell your home. Call while I am full of beans and ready to sell, sell, sell!
Looking forward having some rellies come visit from Canada, Brazil and Italy, actually the italians now live in Spain but they are coming. Yippee!
How about the market?
Well, the market is what it is but there are buyers buying, don’t make a mistake about that.
Sellers may not get what they are expecting to get. We are not in 2006/2007 anymore.
We are in a falling market but people move house in ANY Market.
Be prepared to sell because I want to be YOUR AGENT!
Have a great year!
Be positive, healthy and love your family and friends.
Home Opens this Saturday:
19 Justin Dr,Sorrento: 10 to 10:45
131/7 Harman Rd, Sorrento: 11 to 11:45