After a successful eye operation I am back at work and driving day or night without glasses. Yeepee!

After 2 weeks of my first eye surgery I went for the second eye. Surprised that after the first hazy day I woke up and could see clear as a bell. I still have a problem looking at my phone but I change the font in it and I can read it.

The Doctor said will take a few weeks to adjust and in the mean time I have to wear +2 reading glasses. They really helps.

What I had done was lenses implant. I feel like one of the people in James Bonds movies with some incredible and unbelievable “ads on’ like a glass eye or something surrealistic. We all know that technology has improved and we can have all kinds of “ad ons” Mind you my GP had this operation 20 years ago and he still have his monovision like the one I aimed for.

This kind of surgery is different from laser. I had cataracts removed, astigmatism correction and contact lenses implant in the back of my eye ball. Quite amazing and suppose to last for ever.

Until last January when I was diagnosed with cataracts and told that the correction was only through surgery I have never heard or read about lenses implant and heard a lot about laser which I just found out that laser surgery only last for few years. I don’t know a lot people who had laser.

I am very happy with the outcome.

My Doctor was Dr. Robert Patrick in Joondalup and the surgery was performed at the Eye Surgery Foundation In Ord Street. I met a lot of happy customers of Doctor Robert Patrick.