Baby watching a movie on Mum’s mobile is something really futuristic for me

While on the line up at the Bank tellers I saw this baby in a pram so enthralled on a movie in Mum’s mobile that stunned me how the children are in such a young age playing with electronics while me, older…not grey yet having problems with simple things in my computer.

Speaking to baby’s Jordan Mum, Danielle and asked permission to do this blog on her baby.

I know technology is well advanced today but I was unaware how advanced had progressed because my “babies “are now 28 and 35 years old.

What is next? The mobile phones are very popular with the 7 years old I know and they even teach me new things in my mobile. I just cannot keep up with it.

No, not time to stop. I learn new things everyday and that is what keeps anyone alive. The mind has to be working, right?

So the children are well advanced in technology and also smarter saving money in early age to buy their first home. I admire that. I start late investing in property but is never too late and never too early.

Just a blog on a smart cute baby I saw in the Bank.

I was not sure who was in the line up: Baby or Mum. HA.HA.Ha!