Electronic handheld sudoku game. This is my addiction. Looking to buy this one pictured in. looks like is discontinued even at EBay

Something to distract me or to keep my mind working even when I do not have anything to do. I have to keep busy at all times.

I used to have 5 of these Sudoku but now they all have a problem after I have been hammering them with my fingers over the years.

I have tried all types but this one is the best. I have been trying to purchase to keep for my “old age” and use it but unsuccessfully.

I have Sudoku in my IPhone too but none compared to”Su Doku Plus”

The most compact and well designed I have evr seen. This is a perfection Sudoku.


The most complete and the one with the most functions such as:

  • On and off button
  • Start/Pause button
  • Turn it off if not in use
  • Time the game
  • A chice to move one slot ata time or 3
  • Says: WIN or FINISH
  • Give the time needed to perform the game
  • Choice of levels, EASY, MEDIUM, HARD, CHALLENGE & EXPERT
  • “Invalid” when the wrong number is written
  • Choice to Reset
  • Choice to start a new game
  • Mute button
  • Alsign musical sign
  • Game hints
  • Clear clue button
  • Timer/undo button
  • Save button
  • Recall button


  1. Merv said:

    Have you looked for any good sudoku apps for your iPad or iPhone? There are probably hundreds by now