A Doctor from Kenya prescribed me a Completely Natural Potion that Cured my Stubborn Cough

When I returned from my trip to Dubai I got a cold which turned into the flu which turned into bronchitis and after few visits to the doctors and being dosed up on antibiotics and cough medicine I had the most stubborn cough that could not get rid of.

One day I was called to an appraisal for one of my neighbours who is a well known Doctor in Nairobi and after talking to my friend he suggested a potion that would help me to get rid of that stubborn cough.

At this stage I was willing to try anything to help me get better and stop the coughing so I thought here I go

20 tea spoons of honey
1 tea spoon of crushed ginger
1 tea spoon of tumerik
4 cups of water

Mix all in a bottle and sip it throughout the whole day.

After the second bottle on the second day I was totally cured!

Thanks Dr. Attull. I feel great!


  1. LHS said:

    The only instant mixture that stops a persistent cough for me is salted fermented cumquat that my mother dries in the sun with a bit of salt. To use, add one to two dried cumquat to hot water, to drink like a tea, which I have once a day. When the cough doesn’t stop, I repeat the next day. I tried drying my own cumquat but can’t seem to produce the same dried fruit. My jar fills with juice and the whole lot gets thrown out.