A ring pull dress is a fashion win but the only missing is a matching bag

Whenever I sell a home I like to give my female buyers and sellers a hand made bag which is made especially by me and with the most unique piece of “material”.

For many years now I, and a lot of my friends have been collecting the ring pulls from cans of soft drink or beer or anything that has a ring pull.

I then crochet them individually with special spools of coloured thread and make a hand bag or a coin purse for ladies and I love to do it while I’m watching my T.V shows at night. It’s my hobby and I have even taught some other women in a class to do it as well.

But in the paper the other day I was reading and seen a dress on a girl that looked like my bags and upon closer inspection and reading the article I found that it is actually a dress made from ring pulls.

Maybe I should become a fashion designer, because I noticed that all that was missing from her outfit to complete the look is one of my bags but she would have to sell or buy a home with me first because I don’t just give them to anybody!


  1. Cema said:

    Yeahhhh! And I have an exclusive one!
    Thanks my dear!

  2. Hi Alycee

    After reading your email I just thought I should tell you that mum uses your bag constantly. It’s the only one she has now, and she shows it off proudly.
    Of course I l love mine too and I use mine too. They are so unusual and people always comment on how nice they are.
    Mum is obsessed with hers. She won’t ever change even if it doesn’t match her clothes. She so funny…

    Hope your doing well at the moment and your family as well.

  3. Hi Donna
    Thanks for your comment.
    I love to hear that your Mum likes my bag
    Give me a pleasure to know that it is appreciated the time I put into it