Old and New owners, 2 adorable twins plus me for coffee

I called a young couple who had just purchased a house from me last year and invited myself for a coffee at their home and they surprised me by asking me to invite the previous owner to join us.

That has never happened before…

So we both went to their house and had the pleasure to meet the just 9 Month old twin girls April and Zayley that are keeping Mum and Dad very busy.

It was very nice and pleasant for the old owners to see there old home with a new family that loved their new home just as much as they did.

Now I have 2 new comers to buy a house from me… In 17 years.

Oh, well I still have another 30 years down the track selling Real Estate so that’s no problem. I will be able to help the girls get their dream home as I just have done for their parents.