I made number one on sales for the 4th time this Financial yearfor the Month of June and I like to brag about it and thank you who made that possible

I am all smiles again.

Not too many smiles as I am not number one for the whole year in my office. I am second place.

I should not be too sad as I have worked only 9 Month in this Financial Year. Thaveling around the World last year cost me the second position.

Well. There is always a ‘tomorrow”.I want to thanks to all my Sellers and buyers that helped me on my acchievements.

This year with the drop of interest rates already a couple time and hopefully with more in the future we can look forward to a stronger Market and hope that the buyers will come and purchase more properties for their portfolio.

I urge all buyers to come forward and be more assertive when purchasing a property.

I have always said: ” Real Estate is a long term investment”. Buy, stay put for a longer time and the Market will catch up.

“Bricks and mortar” has been the best investment for me. Not an “overnight get rich quick” but is a safe, I can see it, I can take care of it or dispose of it when I see fit.

Thank you all again to make it possible for me to win.