I need to take profile pictures of myself with my new look to do new cards, calendars, etc

If you know a good photographer that can make me 20 years younger…hehehe…and obviously make me pretty, I need one.

The last time I had my picture taken by a “professional” photographer was devastating. I look sick in all the pictures. So I give that one a miss.

I am old I know and I don’t accept that very well but there is no reason to look like “ate something and did not like” kind of face.

This picture that is shown on here in this post I took with my Iphone and I don’t have the “sick” look. Just the “old” look and that I cannot change.

Few other colleagues also wants other new pictures taken and prefer to look for another photographer also.

Can you help with a good one?


  1. Penny Farmer said:

    Hi Alycee

    I know a great photographer by the name of Chris Kershaw from Joondalup Photo Design. His number is (08) 9300-9313 or 041 550 6548. He is great at taking portrait, commercial, landscape type photos and I have used him for the last few years for taking pictures for Mal Washer’s calendar.