Merv has created a monster…

Over the past few years Merv has been creating this website thing called Easy Property Listings to help real estate agents like me get online.

Its apparently free, not sure how that works but he seems excited that people are using his stuff all around the world and even in different languages.

He tells me that its doing pretty good and helps the WordPress people, apparently my website is WordPress and uses his stuff for the listings.

But he asked me to show you a graph of the downloads and said there are a lot of websites using his stuff.

Easy Property Listings WordPress Downloads per day

We’ll I just smile and say well done Merv. I really have no idea what he is talking about.

One thing I do understand is that he is going to be adding a interactive “Market Research” bit next week so you can come here and check out the Sorrento sales. We have what he terms as “crap” here now, but said its going to be really “cool” for you to better research Sorrento sales.

He also asked me to put this graph on my site showing the WordPress download statistics to help spread the word about it. Well he’s my son, I love him so I’ll do what I can to help him.

If you know what this WordPress thing is and want to help or find out more please visit his website and see if you can help him get the word out. Or pop a comment below to show your support… Even if you don’t know what this WordPress thing is. Thanks!