I was mistreated at Cafe Prontissimo in Whitfords and I did nothing!

I feel I have to tell you about my bad experience because I was appalled by the way the guy behind the counter treated me.

I was between appraisals, busy as ever and stopped for a cappuccino and a cake at Cafe Prontissimo in Whitfords as I did not have time to eat.

I got my coffee and sat down and while on my phone I was sipping my coffee that was really not to my taste. But did I make faces while sipping the coffee? I don’t really know as I was not paying attention to my facial expressions or aware that anyone was watching me.

Then I heard this shouting commanding me to listen and the guy behind the counter looking at me exploded saying “Can you please smile instead of making faces about my coffee, people are going to think you don’t like it!”

I really felt hurt, insulted and not very happy but I said nothing which I regretted after I left and should have given him the coffee and saying: “Here, if you like it so much why don’t you have it?”

Years ago people used to be nice with the customers and this is the first time I have been insulted in a public eatery or any other place.

Guess where I will not stop to have a cappuccino again?

Have you ever had this kind of bad experience?