We, the S.I.N.ers have a fantastic lunch once a Month on a Monday for over 20 years.

Friends like these are hard to find. So you stick with them for ever.

We meet once a Month in one of our homes and have a lunch, long chat and enjoy ourselves.

We are from a lots of different Countries but speak English.

I am an alien from Brazil and they all understand my manners, my ways, my personality. In fact we all know and trust each other.

We have children that grown up to be adults, grandchildren too. ( I am still waiting for mine).

We have some of the daughters who cames and bring their children too.

I love the S.I.N.ers and I think I am loved too.

Kathleen just gave me a mug as a gift that she found very appropriate and I took the picture to put in the blog. I am a S.I.N.er not a Sinner. He!He!He!

Now, this club have been founded when I first came to Oz in 1990 and have been going ever since.

In the earlier years we had meetings at the Roller Drome in Balcatta and venture ourselves on the skates.

Sometime taking the kids to the zoo.

Now we meet in our homes, Restaurants and Parks.

We have a couple of 80 years old in our group that are so well preserved that you are amazed of their agility.

Our Shirley is going to be 86 in September.

All the ladies takes 3 or 4 trips a year around the World by plane or Ship. We always have to juggle the meeting the day that Bertha is around or Marion just arriving, Shirley or Irene will be around for a while before the next trip, Paula or even myself will be in next lunch. Celeste have been missing a lot due to so many trips. So many of us! Our group is huge but we don’t meet all the time all of us due to commitments elsewhere.

After last year traveling for 40 days in 8 Countries I am satisfied for a while not to be going anywhere, except my birthday is coming up in August and I like to do something extravagant like have diner in Paris or something exciting. Last year I had a birthday not to forget having diner in a very prestigious Hotel in Hong Kong. I like that.

This year I am thinking where to go and commemmorate not only my birthday but hopefully my 20/20 vision. Yeepee!