With Christmas upon us once again you might be wondering whether now’s the right time to put your property on the market is. The simple answer to that is….of course it is!

The truth is, the holidays are a great time to sell your property thanks to an increase of ‘extra’ buyers in the area on vacation and the usual rush of home buyers looking to get accommodation sorted before the school and work year starts again in January.

More buyers – Contrary to what the media often reports, there are always buyers looking to snap up a great deal. The holiday period is when people can take it easy and have more time on their hands to spend searching for their ideal property.


Increased visitors – You can expect more visitors to the area during the holidays as friends and family visit and families take time to holiday in locations they are looking to settle into more permanently. When housing stocks dip during the holiday period, those who take advantage of the season will find there is a more concentrated focus on their property.


Take a break – Don’t let selling your property hold you back from taking a much deserved holiday. No more rushing around picking up after the kids when your agent calls. Take the opportunity to ensure your property is in pristine ‘inspection’ condition and take your break!

Christmas exposure – With 85% of property searches beginning online, the internet is a valuable marketing tool. With people on holidays, their browsing time will increase. Is your property properly marketed online?

Christmas Spirit – The holiday season is renowned for adding charm to any property! Use the holidays to your advantage and decorate your home with tasteful decorations so buyers can imagine themselves spending next Christmas there! Nothing says buy me like a home that looks and feels homely and well loved.

When you’re looking to sell your property and take advantage of the holiday season, then call Alycee Barrett today.