What is a PA? Mine is side kick a Rep that helps look after my business while both here and away?

I must confess to you that this is the first time that I have gone away for holidays and “hit the jack pot” on my choice of Agent to look after my business.

Her name is Sue Van Vuuren and I introduced you to her a while back but I wanted to tell you a little bit more.

Sue came to Ray White due to my invitation and I had planned to train her so we could work together and obviously she wanted to have a mentor so she could learn quicker which suited us both beautifully.

In May of this year I sold 6 properties that were due to settle in June and July, which is when I was going to be away and was a little apprehensive as I knew there was still alot to do to make sure that everything ran smoothly and both my sellers and buyers were happy.

Sue took care of everything including the Finance, white ant, Final inspections and giving keys to the new owners plus putting out and bringing in the signs for Home Open which she was doing too.

She also maintained contact with Toni Tate to have the Home Open schedules on the blog.

She did a great job, and I don’t know what I would have done her!

Sue is on her way to succeed in Real Estate as she is a driven, very honest, upfront person while being super nice with everyone.

This is another great asset in my business.

Sue, I thank you and wish you great success in Real Estate.