Sending my emails through my IPhone and the name showing is not Alycee but Maria Barrett.

Trying to fix my problem with my phone.

I had my son around me all the time to fix anything related to my phone, computer and anything wired or wireless.

I miss my son. My “fixer upper”

Apple support people have been able to put me through to some another support mob to help me up.

In the mean time if you get one email from me with Maria Barrett…well… that is me

Alycee Barrett

Thanks for your support.

Imagine even from far away trapping” around Italy with our relatives he could fix my email.

I have just sent to him another “minor problem” to fix.

“Mum doesnot know anything”

I am sure most of Mum’s can related with that phrase


  1. mervb said:

    Hi mum, on your iPhone Goto settings > Mail > select your iCloud account

    Click account at the top above all the on/ off switches
    On the next page at the bottom click advanced

    Change your name at the top

    Go back to Settings > Mail

    About halfway down is default account, probably set to iCloud. Change it to your Acton exchange if you want. Then the recipient will get the email from