Stress! Stress! Stress! Go away and don’t come back another day!

I have lived a life until now or at least until July last year stress free and I consider myself lucky to be stress free for this long.

I know a lots of people who have lived a stressful life all their adult life which is a terrible thing.

Why my stress? Well it’s not caused by anything that I did but what others are doing to me and unfortunately I cannot be open about it at present.

This whole situation is affecting my health, my work, my stamina, my energy, my sleep and my desire to do things. I have lost weight without trying which is not a good thing.

I never had a problem that I could not solve before or had a situation that I could not confront but now I have a problem, a big problem.

Nothing to do with my job by the way or nothing to do with my family, thank god and I know I can pay someone go make the problem go away and that is what I cannot accept : to be responsible for others responsibility to do the right thing.
Is that a step towards depression?

Thanks to my favourite pharmacist I can sleep at least one night a week but I hate pills and I don’t even like aspirin that is recommended but I have to have at least one pill a week so I can at least sleep one night a week.

When my problem is resolved I will tell you what it is and I hope no one needs to go through this ever!

How do you deal with stress? Any tips for me?


  1. Helena said:

    Hi Alycee
    Have you ever done the Landmark Forum? It would give you all the tools you need to overcome any obstacles that you have in your life.

  2. dave said:

    Hi. My advice is to remove all processed food , coffee and sugary products from your diet. Drink lots of water and eat lots of greens. Your stress is guaranteed to diminish. Take care. Dave Thomson.

  3. Cat said:

    You are such a beautiful person Alycee and we are all here to support you 100%. xx

  4. Wayne said:

    Alycee, stress is never a good thing, and particularly bad when caused by others, usually selfishly. The best way of solving is calling on a couple of old friends….Smith & Wesson. They solve problems instantly and deter others from going down the same path.

    Good luck with whatever it is.

    • Wayne
      You are wonderful
      Sorry for the delay to answer but I was unable to use this site. I am all clear today.
      It is so good to have people who reply and give you a boost.