Just got back from a quick 6 day trip to Schenzen, China and had the time of my life!

Lilin a friend and also a real estate client, insisted that I hop on a plane, travel thousands of kilometres to a foreign country, stay and visit here home in Shenzhen, China.

What do I do? Book a ticket as I love to travel and see new places and add another stamp in my passport. Well having already visited China in the past I won’t get another stamp but oh well, China here I come… again!

My travel partner Meyan and I left Perth and flew to Honk Kong and were greeted by Lilin’s Driver who took us directly to her home in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen is a very beautiful city with many fabulous restaurants filled with culture and it is so very clean. They have many upper class boutique shops with famous designers from around the world.

Shenzhen prices surprised me and I was not expecting them to be so expensive. Often I felt that Australian prices seamed reasonable in many cases.

The food was fabulous and did my best to experiment with a lot of different foods and delicacies.

My hosts treated me like royalty and they took me everywhere for lunch, diners and to see the sights in Shenzhen.

Its a small world, after selling so many houses over the years in Perth to Chinese families, was invited to sample more wonderful food by other Perth clients for lunch and dinner.

Chinese hospitality is wonderful and I thought Brazilians were the best hosts (perhaps being Brazilian makes me biased), but the Chinese are a true rival for them in hospitality.

While in Hong Kong I stayed at the Regal Airport Hotel which was connected to the Airport by a bridge. My mother in law was in Perth for the past month and on her way home to Canada and we planned to meet in Hong Kong to break up her long flights.

I went to pick her up at the terminal on her arrival, to find out that she had the royal treatment and was already dropped off at the hotel. Lucky her.

We spent the few hours we had together using the Hotel Shuttle bus that regularly takes guests to the nearby Shopping Centres all around Kowloon.

Now back in Perth and ready to sell some more homes, one which has just come on the market as I touched down in Parnell Ave.

In the meantime will be planning a trip to Phillipines with a friend in August for my birthday and this time I’ll be able to experience a new country and add another stamp in my passport!