What is a virtual secretary? Mine keeps me alive and kicking in the online Real Estate Market

Her name is Toni Tate and she is my Virtual Secretary and the one that thinks for me even when I don’t speak with her.

She has my thoughts and she knows what I want to do without being told. She reads my mind: that is Toni. The most valuable asset in my business today.

I went for my extra-long 63 days Holidays on June first and came back on August third and no one really knew I was on holidays because Toni continued to edit my stories, posts them on my blog and make them look pretty, update my home open times and makes sure my emails are sent as usual.

Over the years I have learnt to appreciate Toni although at first I was a little apprehensive of having a virtual PA but overtime she has proven to be a great help in my business and without her I feel my blog would not survive.

Having a virtual PA to handle my blog allows me to do what I love best and that is help my clients sell or buy their homes and as much as I love telling you my stories, having Toni help me share them with you allows me time to make new ones and not spend the many hours I know I would on a computer.

So thank you Toni for all your help, your ideas, your humor, your understanding of me and many times “speaking” like I do.

I hope we will have many more years together but well, you are my son’s partner, so I guess we will be?