Welcoming Kai to the S.I.N.ers Club

This last Monday we the S.I.N.ers had our usual monthly lunch and my daughter brought her little man who is now 10 weeks old to introduce to my very special friends.

The S.I.N.ers Club is now 25 years old and during all these years we have been meeting every Month for a fabulous lunch in each other’s home.

This time we not only commemorate our friendship but also Mother’s Day and Marion Ross’s birthday. We always have a Birthday to commemorate every month and the friendship with Marion is one that I honour and am very proud of. We are each other’s family.

The S.I.N.ers name was chosen by Pauline who sadly passed away a few years back but we all remember her and how clever she was to suggest such a perfect name: S.I.N.ers which means: Sunset International Neighbours.


  1. Cema said:

    So gorgeous!!!