Winter has arrived and already the Barrett household has been hit with the flu bug

It’s the first week of June and the beginning of winter and already everyone in my house including myself has been infected by the flu/cold.

First my son’ girlfriend Toni had a slight cold, then Merv got it, late last week Mike got the man flu and today I awoke with the sniffles that slowly throughout the day got worse and I now feel like I was kicked by a horse.

It’s doesn’t seem to be a really long lasting one with Mike and Merv almost completely better (Toni’s turned into a severe case of Tonsillitis and an Ear Infection but antibiotics is working it’s magic) but when it does it boy does it hit hard and it knocks you for six!

So for the last week or so we have all been cooking and eating a lot of garlic and chilli to try and scare the bugs away with fire, but they are persistent little germs and have found their way into my body.

We have all been drinking honey tea like it’s going out of fashion and a good old home made veggie soup made by Mike was loved and demolished by all.

After a quick trip to the chemist and some aspirin, I’ve been told to just rest and let it pass so I’m going to let it win and get a little rest hoping that it goes away fast like it did for Mike and Merv.

It seems to be going around quite a bit at the moment and I am hoping that because I am getting this right at the beginning of winter, I’ll be immune for the rest of it ready and waiting for summer once again.

Do you have any secret home remedies for colds and flu’s that you would like to share? Please feel free to comment in the box below and help me and other cure the common cold!