Writing my autobiography so you really know who I am

Brazilian from birth but Australian in my heart. When I first arrived in OZ in 1990, after having lived for a few years around the Globe ( Canada, Kenya and Iran), I fell in love with Sorrento where I lived with my family in a rental in Clontarf Street only a street block away from the ocean. The first 2 years I spent here I used the time to socialise with my children’s teacher, their parents school mates and the neighbours. Walking every morning along the coast with my friends, having a chat and planning the day’s pastime, as I had no intention to work. To be a “beach bum” was top of my priorities then.

I had been a successful Real Estate Agent in Canada but in Perth, for personal reasons, I just  wanted to “live and let live”,  cycle to the school with the children, go to the zoo, roller skate with my friends, go  to the movies, party, party, party. 2 years of this kind of living can be a bit boring especially when I was not using my brain for any of the activities. I had a short 6 Month stay in Iran,  due to the death of my Canadian husband. Not working was no problem as I was expecting my son Merv and was busy enough with the pregnancy. I could write a book about my time and Iran. Married again in 1980 to an Englishman and I am still with the same hubby. We think we have a great life here in Perth. I have in my husband, a partner, a friend and a great supporter when it comes to my career. I lived for 5 years in Kenya and it was amazing. I taught “Belly Dancing” in a large Studio , performed in the Intercontinental Hotel and at the Theatre. I also became pregnant and had a daughter there, my Nikky.

During the 2 years in OZ,  I founded the S.I.Ners Club which reads: Sunset International Neighbours that has survived for 22 years and continues to go and grow. We are a group of women meeting once a Month in one of the members houses. We always bring a plate to share and have the most fantastic feast. Always on a Monday. I consider the S.I.N.esr my family in OZ. Some of them became my clients too. It is my private network. In our meetings we eat, talk about ourselves, family, the things we enjoy, the trips we do, etc. But the 2 years spent here building relationships came to an end. We had to go. I did not want to go. Australia was my home!

We had leave Australia and spend 2 years in Canada to sell all our assets and in the mean time wait for the paperwork to become Australian Residents. Back to Oz in 1994 and never to leave again except for my trips visiting relatives around the world I worked in Real Estate here in Perth with Roy Weston for 35 days but we didn’t fit so the next five years I worked in Marmion Village for the Professionals until I was attracted to Davey Real Estate in North Beach where I spent 5 and half glorious years.

The next move was to RE/MAX Realmark until they decided to be Realmark, the one based in Hillarys. In 2010 I decided to make another move. As you all know, a move is as good as a holiday. Not that I need one living in this country. My choice was Nexus because I knew the other real estate agents and worked with them in the past and appreciated the relationship I always had with my boss Chris Jonker.  2010 was a remarkable year for all of us. My daughter married and we had 15 relatives from Canada, Brazil and Italy to spend one a whole month with us – it was a blast. Party every night. Beautiful diners cooked by my guests. During their stay I felt I was a guest myself!

Then in 2011 just few days prior to my long 40 days trip around the world I was informed that ACTON had merged with Nexus Real Estate. Jokingly,  I say that I was considered part of the office furniture and stayed on.  I was on my way to a long trip and the change over happened while I was away. On my return I was so welcomed and everyone made me feel so comfortable. That was it! I am enjoying my work at ACTON Coastal. ACTON as a Company is brilliant! Very established, good name, clean, consistent, professional and very amicable environment. ACTON allows me to have my own personality, write my own blog : www.sorrentoliving.com; and use my own ideas when I want to promote myself or the properties I am selling.

I am here for a long stay. Until I am 90? Since I left Brazil in 1976 I have travelled a lot, mostly due to my husband’s job as we could never really settle anywhere. Living “in suitcases” from Country to Country living a fairy tale life even after the 2 children were born. Travelled, changed countries from 1976 to 1994 and only settling after arriving in Australia for the second time. We all had great experiences and learned different cultures, food and way of life. I can say I had a really bad time losing my first husband in a plane crash while I was expecting a baby,  but after all is said and done, I’ve had a very colourful life. I believe I have been successful in my business , my investments, I have great friends, treasured clients and I am very happy and I try not to stress out and maintain a smile even when I am sad. I love to make dreams come through but it is not always possible.



  1. Pamela Hague said:

    Alycee you are a woman with heart and it has always been a pleasure dealing with you. You can take honest criticism along with compliments – a thing I found made buying/selling our homes easier.
    Kind regards.
    Pamela & Dennis

    • You are both so kind.
      Having a lot of free time lately.
      Time for a visit?
      I passed by your home a few times last year and you both not there.
      I thought might been at the children’s home
      Give me a week advance and I will come to say hello and thank you personally for your words

  2. Loved your history and story , Sorrento is my favorite place after having lived there for the past 26 years broke my heart to leave. I also used to cycle to school with my son.
    Loved my neighbours and the whole area, grew up in Trigg.
    Due to circumstances have had to relocate to Hillarys, trying to get used to it but its not quite the same at all. Plan to move back there one day when I find a nice man.

    I have also travelled extensively and would so love to continue, it has to be the best education you could ever hope for. I like the sound of your group and I think its wonderful that you meet on a regular basis, I love receiving your emails and its nice to think that someone makes the effort.



    • Thank you for your comments and would love to invite you to our next lunch which will be on February 27th. I wouldn’t mind to pick you up and we can go together.
      Our group is like my family in Australia.
      We call ourselves S.I.N.ers ( Sunset International Neighbours)
      Love to hear from you a couple days before the lunch