Are you a holiday renter and looking for a 6 month holiday home away from home?

My friends live in Sorrento and want to rent their home while they are in Europe.

They will not be looking for a massive amount of weekly rent and they have no pets, so the house does not need to be looked after.

If you are thinking of having a “holiday from your own home” or if you are building a house and have sold yours or if you need a place for 6 Month only, totally furnished, here is a possibility.

It is a double storey home in Sorrento and close to all amenities with a park close by, bus stop only a short walk and the Marina isn’t far either.

My friends are leaving next year around March to June and staying away for 6 Months so you have time to prepare and organise your thinking.

Let me know in the comments below or email me at and I will send the information to my friends to contact you.