Buying a home to put a roof over your family’s head and not pay rent. That is what counts. Forget about capital growth. Interest rates on hold. Great time to buy

Usually people when buying a house they ask the Agent:

“How much will this house be worth next year or within 3 years? ”

Who cares? No one has a crystal ball to answer that question. It will all be guess work.

If you are purchasing a home to live in, don’t worry about the capital growth. Property is a long term investment. Wait 10 years and you probably by then you will have a lot of equity on the house paying mortgage not rental which you would not have any equity because would belong to someone’s else.

If you are buying an investment property you have to watch for:

Location, condition, potential and rentability.

If any of the homes you are looking to purchase fits one of these criteria, then you will have a winner.

There are 10900 homes on the market today.

A lot of good deals around. Don’t wait forever. I do not have a crystal ball but if you don’t buy you will never win!

It is like a lotto. If you don’t have a ticket you will miss the chance, right?

Rates on hold.

Good deals with Banks out there. You can fix for 5.79% for 3 years at the moment. Even less with some lenders…