Looking to sell your property quicker? Auction may be the way to go

As the times get tougher more and more auctions are popping up.

Ray White have long been the industry leaders with 113 years of auction history.


  • Auction allows you to market without a price
  • Decisions are made quicker
  • Marketing is reduced – not more expensive
  • You have 3 opportunities to sell – prior to auction, on the day or negotiate after the auction
  • You are in control, not the buyer
  • You set the conditions of sale
  • Cash buyers only up until auction day
  • You are in control of the selling price

When it comes time to sell your home, do not get sucked into agents saying ‘’auctions don’t work”.

THEY DO!  Allow us the time to sit, discuss and show you how you can be in a better position come day of sale.

Auctions work, they just have to be done correctly and the seller has to be advised of the whole process.

As the market is getting tougher and days on market is ballooning  Ray White  North Quays with their 2 offices, one in Sorrento and the other one in North Beach, where I am operating from has come up with a program for every 6 weeks  called TRAVELLING THE GAVEL AUCTION DAY.

Isn’t this exciting? We are doing 7 Auctions ON SITE in one day. If necessary 14 Auctions in one day on site.

The last 4 Ray White Auctions I have been to lately ALL of them have been sold. We are all very excited about it and I had to jump in on the idea as the excitement spread through my veins.

We have now booked 4 Auctions. The first Auction of 2016 will be on February 13th Sunday at 10AM and every 6 weeks after that.

Every Auction will be an Event to watch.

In this market it’s the right way to go! Are you ready?